98.3 Mirchi Jammu and Kashmir outshines others at National UNICEF Radio4 Child Awards

Published by Kashmir News Trust on May 10, 2019, 5:35 pm

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Mumbai,: Mirchi Nishant, the evening RJ with the India’s radio station and Iqbal Singh, the sound engineer from 98.3 Radio Mirchi Jammu won the national UNICEF Radio for child award for their campaign against child abuse, particularly the boy child who is often ignored and looked strangely at.

    All radio stations across India had participated in the same. The award ceremony was conducted on 10th May at Mumbai and the award was given by Kareena Kapoor Khan herself to the winners. Mirchi Rafia, afternoon RJ at Mirchi 98.3 Srinagar station and Sameem Khan, the sound engineer from 98.3 Mirchi Kashmir were appreciated for their entries for the awards.

     This award was for a creative that raised voice against child abuse stating and encouraging the children to speak up against this heinous crime and spread out the word that it is not any child's fault. Children are our greatest asset and our quest for a better future relies on their mental and physical stability. Bruises are detestable, torture is nauseating, atrocities have crossed all limits, sins aren't restrained by Gender anymore.      

   According to a recent research 1 out of 3 girls and 1 out of 5 boys have been sexually abused before they reached the age of 18. It is important for the society and parents too, to understand that child abuse is not gender based; cases have been found of abuses for both boys and girls. Hence, it’s very important to raise the alarm at the right time. 98.3 Mirchi has always been a part of many such campaigns to bring about a change in the society and has always stood up with the right and raised voices for the same.    

    98.3 Mirchi was launched in Jammu in October 2017.