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Asifa rape and murder wave reaches South India: TMMK stages multiple protest rallies

Published by Kashmir News Trust on April 16, 2018, 2:26 pm

Kashmir News Trust Web Desk


Chennai:  Asifa rape and murder wave has reached South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam (TMMK) which is a Tamil Nadu based socio political organization staged massive protests at several places across Tamil Nadu. The protest was part of state-wide agitation seeking justice for Asifa and punishment for her rapists. TMMK members, women and children took part in the protest demanding capital punishment to the culprits.

In Coimbatore senior TMMK leader Advocate Zainul Abideen lead the protest against Kathua rape and murder . The huge protest lead to the traffic jam and disturbed vehicular traffic on the road. In reaction to this Coimbatore Police detained dozens of TMMK activists. More than 800 persons including 86 women who were arrested by police were released later on.

TMMK Chief Prof Jawahirullah lead the protest in Chennai. Thousands of people participated in the protests in Chennai. The protestors demanded that all the accused in Kathua gang rape and murder be hanged in public and security be provided to the victim family along with lawyer Deepika Thusoo who is fighting this case on behalf of victims family.