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Cooking stories about their "plight" thugs using Kashmir name busy in collecting money from people in Noida

Published by Kashmir News Trust on December 3, 2017, 10:52 am

Neyaz Elahi

New Delhi: A group of thugs are reportedly active in Indian Capital New Delhi who are collecting money from people in the the name of Kashmir.

Reports said a group of people including some girls who claim to be from Kashmir frequently visit Wave Mall located at Noida Sector 18 of New Delhi and collect money from the visitors there.

These thugs according to reports cook different stories to gain sympathies from people visiting the said Mall.

They claim they were thrown out from Kashmir and their houses were burnt down by local population and now they are residing in makeshift camps in Delhi.

Some eyewitnesses from Kashmir Valley informed this Reporter that these looters usually carry fake documents with them.

"When I confronted them and asked them to stop defaming Kashmir, they fled from the Mall. But to my surprise, another group arrived there in the Mall with same story. They are thugs and have learnt the art of befooling visitors in the said Mall," a Kashmiri youth who works in the Mall told Kashmir News Trust.

Earlier also some videos had gone viral which showed how some people claiming to be from Kashmir are collecting money in different States of India.

"These looters should be taken to task. They can go any extent to make easy money. Ironically, there is no mechanism to check their illegal activities," said a local from Kashmir demanding stern action against such groups.