Pulwama Attack: Protest against Pakistan but backlash against Kashmiris

Published by Kashmir News Trust on February 16, 2019, 4:42 pm


After the attack on CRPF Convoy in South Kashmir’s Lethpora area, people all over India including liberals, celebrities, civil society members, politicians, cricketers, news channels are impressing upon Government of India to take revenge from Pakistan but in the meantime Kashmirs living across India are the worst sufferers.
Kashmiris living in different parts of India are scary and dumbfound. A large number of videos are viral showing how goons are attacking and intimidating Kashmiris living outside India. Students are fearing for their lives in Dehradun, Ambala, Chandigarh and other parts.
Interestingly in Jammu which is the part of this state, goons are free to attack anyone from Muslim community. Traders bodies from Kashmir have alleged that police have been given a free hand to goons who belong to Hinduvta parties to attack Kashmiris. Dozens of vehicles were set ablaze while the quarters of Kashmiri employees were stoned.
“From Prime Minister to peon, everyone is talking of revenge. IndiaWantsRevenge is the hashtag that is trending across India. If they really want to take revenge, why to attack people of Kashmir. Their attitude simply shows Kashmir is not the part of India,” said a trader to Kashmir News Trust.
The hatred propagating on social media is unstoppable. A Journalist posted on facebook that a Kashmiri is the only fellow who is unsafe both in Kashmir and outside.
“In the name of hyper-nationalism goons are allowed to propagate and practice hate and violence which should be stopped,” said a Kashmiri employee.

The news channels in India have virtually converted their studios into war zones, busy in propegating hate. "One fails to understand whether they want to heal the wounds of Kashmiris or trying to add salt to injuries. This is going to backfire and will certainly alienate more people who are already alienated."

Even those Muslims are not being spared who have shown outrage over the killings of 49 CRPF in the attack. Only hatemongers are in sight all over social media. However, there are the people who talk sane and understand the situation. "General Elections are approaching and anything is possible this time around." 
Here are some of the tweets from Indian with regard to Lethpora attack: