Geeco sells ‘defective’ Parker Pens Customer accuses him of cheat

Published by Kashmir News Trust on May 18, 2019, 6:22 pm

Kashmir News Trust Web Desk

Srinagar: Next time you intend to buy a Parker Pen, make sure you open the seal right in front of the shopkeeper because the same shopkeeper will neither pay you back nor replace the pen if you open the seal at home and find the pen defective.
Parker Pens are known for their flow and smoothness when it comes to writing. Students prefer it the most. But in city centre Lal Chowk of Srinagar city books and stationery dealer called “Kashmir Stationery Mart” that is also known as “Geeco” it is difficult to get perfect Parker Pens.
“I purchased a Parker Pen of Metallix series for Rs 475. I was shocked when after opening up the seal at home I found the pen is not writing anything even dipping it in the Parker Ink-Pot. The very moment I called the Geeco owner who asked me to visit the shop next day,” said one of the customers to news agency CNS.dfsgdsgdsg
The customer said that Geeco owner tried a lot for some ten to fifteen minutes to make the pen write something on the paper but failed. After over 15 minutes he pressed the nib of the pen a bit and started writing. “When I tried myself, the pen didn’t give the feel and touch of Parker pen but it seemed as I was writing with a curved nib. To cut the story short, the shopkeeper instead of replacing the pen offered me another pen which according to him cost Rs 100 that I refused to take. Irony is that Geeco owner admitted that majority of the sealed Parker Pens are not working.”  
The customer appealed students and others not to buy sealed Parker pens from Kashmir Stationery Mart (Geeco). “It is cheating. I paid cash to him for the pen that didn’t work. I have filed a complaint before the police and Legal Metrology Department with a hope this shopkeeper never cheats any customer in future. It is not the question of Rs 475 but of principles and why on earth he sells these Parker pens when he knows these are defective,” the customer told CNS.  fgdsgdg