Photograph by Shah Jehangir/KNT

Help us: Pellet victims to common masses of Kashmir

Published by Kashmir News Trust on August 18, 2018, 6:19 pm

Neyaz Elahi


Srinagar: Pellet Victims Welfare Trust Saturday staged a protest at Srinagar's Press Enclave.

   The group, a gathering of victims of pellet guns fired by government forces in Kashmir, protested against the absence of a comprehensive plan for their treatment, due to which many of them have been driven to desperation.

  According to them around 1200 pellet victims are suffering heavily in Kashmir Valley. They were carrying a lengthy banner depicting photographs of pellet victims.

   They pellet victims told this Reporter that earlier some non-governmental organizations have been pocketing money collected from people for their welfare and now that process has stopped. “Earlier, some organizations including Hurriyat helped us, but now, nobody cares and no one comes forward for our help. We are suffering and appeal people to help us,” they said and sought monetary help from people.

   The victims alleged that there are many people and some NGOs which are minting money off the plight of the victims.

   “There is perception among people that we receive help and jobs from the government. This is not true. We don’t receive any aid from the government. A couple of pellet victims have been offered government jobs while our number is over 1200,” they said.

   The victims lamented that the pellet guns that normally are reserved for hunting animals are being used on human beings in Kashmir Valley.