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HK Cements Unveils 2018 Wall Calendar

Published by Kashmir News Trust on December 31, 2017, 10:24 am

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Srinagar: HK Cements today unveiled two wall calendars for 2018, one based on the theme of ‘Awradh-e-Fateha’ written in traditional calligraphy and the other based on the theme of Kashmir’s indigenous architecture, heritage and craftsmanship,  at the plant here today. 

“This year  again we opted to go with ‘Awradh-e-Fateha’ theme in view of the fact that it is the foundation upon which the entire structure of our creed  stands,  which is to believe, proclaim and affirm  in the heart ,” said   CEO & MD, Mir Feroz Ahmed, adding,  “Our annual wall calendars are not only  concept based rather creative objects with  words and a rich collection of images from Kashmir Culture and heritage”.

Covering 12 months from January to December with Hijra dates for complete planning all year long One month per page format features 12 different verses all praising almighty Allah. The ‘Awradh’ is written in Arabic, and the language’s flowing script is not just a way of writing, but also a form of art. The wall calander is gallery of Arabic calligraphy in traditional styles. 

The second theme is about the tradition and strength of our architecture, heritage and craftsmanship.

 Elaborating on the focus of the second calendar, CEO & MD, HK Cement, Mir Feroz Ahmed  said, “This Calendar features classic design with strong traditional elements connecting traditional Kashmir architecture through HK brand promises of  Quality, Knowledge, Confidence, Strength, Perfection and command.