Humanity still exists in Kashmir

Published by Kashmir News Trust on April 27, 2018, 4:50 pm

Neyaz Elahi

While surfing the internet frequently, one stops one or the other social media networking sites. I am not the exception.
I came across a piece posted by one of my Pandits friends Manohar Lalgami on his personal facebook account. This post made my eyes wet but at the same time, i was quite happy to realize that humanity still exists and the bond between Kashmiri Muslims and Pandits has not evaporated at all.
For the interest of the readers, I reproduce that fb post of Manohar Lalgami verbatim.
“A Man from my neighboring village Namathal Chadoora,,,,with whom I played in my teen days, with whom I discussed about life and what to do….had come to Valley and started here to depart from the world....Subash Bhat who had migrated with his family in 1990 was in the Valley….I never knew….but how I came to know was absolute shocker....I came to know about it when he passed away in Delhi Apollo Hospital after suffering a stroke at his friend Nazir Ahmed Yatoo’s House who is presently VC JK cements.....It had been years that I saw Subash ….Bubloo as we called him...A man whose soft facial expression would remind you of gentleness…and his voice with a slight touch or nazal resonance felt like Dillip Kumar talking in low voice.  

As I heard his death shocked me we are about the same age and that way pain was It could have been me too.....But something positive was there too which made my sadness bearable to a large extent....Subash was taken to SKIMs by his friend Nazir Yatoo and for days he remained there in the same set of clothes trying praying to see his friend come back to life and just whisper But Subash was silent just breathing....Nazir did not stop here....he arranged an air ambulance for Subash and Subash was airlifted in his unconscious state with super specialist attending to him...But alas! all these efforts proved a failure in saving Subash....But efforts were not all in vain...I could see that thousands of storms have not completely put out the fire of compassion and care in our hearts.

Mr Nazir seemed more pained then me ...After all he was the person who had arranged this level of treatment for his friend who was mine too....He went to Jammu to say final Good bye to his friend at the cremation ground too....we still care most of us still do....this was the solace in this hour of grief for me....personally I could not even make a phone call....had no courage to face Parents of Babloo even on phone or his brothers or sisters.......kudos to you Mr. Nazir for this gesture...whatever you condoled the loss of life in most dignified way.

Pertinently, Nazir Yatoo is associated with Peoples Democratic Party and is Vice Chairman JKPCC. He hails from Central Kashmir’s Budgam district.