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‘Kashmir conflict affects both Kashmiris and Indian Forces: KVI

Published by Kashmir News Trust on June 24, 2019, 1:15 pm

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London: London based organization ‘Kashmir Voice International’ (KVI) during a meeting in London expressed serious concern regarding the unabated killings in Kashmir.

   “Kashmir Diaspora all over the world shares the pain of their people back home. The prolonging of the conflict is causing damage to both the army and the people of Kashmir. KVI seeks the conflict to yield place to negotiations between the stakeholders to find an honorable and acceptable solution.”

    The organization as per a statement to news agency CNS said that the armed conflict started in 1990 has not only affected the economic growth and damaged trade and tourism but even education and culture had to face its brunt.

“The people in the valley are the worst sufferers who could use their wisdom and initiate steps to save further loss of lives and destruction of property. This suffering is caused because of the delay in solution of long pending political issue. The mistrust between India and Pakistan and their rigid attitude has caused Kashmiris to be the sufferers in different ways since 1947.”adfasd

   “KVI advocates that Kashmir issue should not be looked at through the prism of Indo Pak relationship but be considered as an independent issue for solution.” 

Chairman KVI Prof MA Raina said that organization believes the continued use of force has proved counterproductive and only strengthen hatred and alienation. “There is no alternative to a negotiated settlement. The guns should silence and peace process started to explore a solution acceptable to the people of Kashmir.”

“In the meeting it was decided that KVI will approach British MPs of Indian and Pakistani origin to seek their support. Moreover KVI will also approach the British Foreign Office and embassies of different countries.” sadfasf