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Kashmiri student studying in Banglore seeks Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti's intervention

Published by Kashmir News Trust on December 19, 2017, 10:51 pm

Kashmir News Trust Web Desk

Bengaluru: A Kashmiri student has alleged that they are being threatened at Oxford College of Engineering at Bengaluru, the capital city of India's Southeren State.

The student from Lal Bazar Srinagar who doesn't want to reveal his identity has dispatched a long text to news portals, media houses and Facebook Pages in Kashmir, requeating them to highlight the plight of Kashmiri students outside India.

"Kashmiris living in Bangalore are under threat.  Someone even tried to "kill" me," the student claims.

"I want to let you know  that i left for Banglore for engineering in August 2017. Since i am  here i see bullying of Kashmiris going on every where, we are around 40 Kashmiris studying in Oxford college of Engineering." 

"Boys from our college not only bully us they abuse us really badly and what not.4, 5 Kashmiri students  have been beaten before. Its a very serious matter...we thought that South India is safe for us... now what  i am going to share with you has happened to me a day before yesterday i.e 17 december 2017 at around 1am."

"A boy from jammu  staying in our hostel came out of his room, drunk and shouted like anything, all hostelites came out to see who's shouting. And he straight away came to my room where 3 Kashmiri stay and used abusive language (can't type those abuses).He took the knife and straight away tried to kill me. Literally, he was at me..if  all my roommates were not  around  i wouldn't be here narrating this incident. And before leaving from my room he threatened me of dire consequences. He claims to be the son of a police officer."

"Both the local police and College administration gave me a cold response when i complained before them. Due to his continuous threats i missed my semester exams as i am hiding myself and am not attending the classes," the student writes.

 "I appeal to the Chief Minister of my State to take up the matter with Karnatka Government and College administration."