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“My name is Basant. I do what I do.”

Published by Kashmir News Trust on February 20, 2018, 2:55 pm

Neyaz Elahi

Srinagar: Inspector General of Police, Jammu Kashmir Traffic Department, who is eyesore for few, has been turning out the ‘terror’ for traffic violators in winter capital Jammu. His frank assertions on social media have made him popular among rank and file.

Basant can be seen on different intersections in Jammu manning traffic. A video recently went viral in which Basant can be seen manning traffic notwithstanding his plastered arm.

People of Jammu are all praise for him for his tough and straight actions though some vested interest elements recently ran a campaign against him urging upon the government to transfer him. “An impression was made that Central Government is not in his favour. He became an eyesore simply because he didn’t discriminate between poor and rich, powerful and hapless. Some higher ups are not happy with him as he doesn’t oblige to them, even he seizes the vehicles of top brass for traffic violation,” said an official from Traffic Department.

Even a legislator came in open against him after Basant didn’t allow him to violate traffic rules.

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When the media house ‘The Quint’ published a story against him, Basnat came up with the following post on his face book.

“Dear Quint, my name is Basant and Departmental Enquiries don’t scare me. My Mom once asked me to laugh them off. That was two centuries ago.”

“For Basant, there is nobody above law. For him, only hospital ambulance is VVIP,” said a traffic cop.

His recent tweet in which he asked traffic cops to text him if they want ‘transfer’ won the hearts of men in blue.

“Dear traffic cops, if you need a transfer, I’m just a text away. And I’m accountable to you. Please keep politics and politicians out of this. Let’s play it straight. Like Rahul Dravid,” Tweeted Basnt Rath.

A resident of Odisha, Basant Rath is 2000 batch IPS officer who belongs to the Jammu and Kashmir cadre. He is also an author who extensively writes for ‘The Wire’. His writings reflect is mindset. What one gathers from his writings is that Basant Rath is an honest and dedicated officer who believes in accountability and justice.

When on May 26, 2017 , Punjab ‘super cop’ Kanwar Pal Singh Gill better known as KPS Gill died at Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, media started blowing trumpet about him, but Basant Rath came up with an article stating that “the Indian Police does not need role models like K.P.S. Gill. He went on to say that “as a police leader, K.P.S. Gill was a disaster – one that others had to pay for.”

Most of his tweets and face book posts amuse his followers. In response to a ‘Rising Kashmir’ story titled ‘Complaints rain against Basant Rath’, he came up with a tweet: “Dear Rising Kashmir, my name is Basant. I do what I do.”



Equating the traffic atmosphere in Jammu with a perfume commercial, Basant Rath tweeted in lighter vein: “Bhaijaan, aaj kal Jammu mein kya chal raha hai?”

Yet again in response to National Conference spokesperson and PDP youth leader, Basant Rath tweeted: “Dear Junaid Azim Mattu and Javaid Trali. My name is Basant. I dont play T20 cricket. I don't play ODI cricket. I don't play Test cricket. I play a cricketing career. And my favourite cricketer is Javed Miandad. Not a single inch given. Not a single inch asked for.”

Here are some of his amusing tweets:

A scribe from Kashmir Valley while talking to this reporter said that: “Srinagar will test the waters of Basant where vendors have occupied roads on the behest of politicians and SMC officials. Let Basant arrive here (Srinagar) and he will stop tweeting.”


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