Photograph by Neyaz Elahi

NC political rally created traffic mess in Srinagar city, Netizens castigate politicians for parking vehicles inside Municipal Park

Published by Kashmir News Trust on April 15, 2019, 4:15 pm



Srinagar: The political rally organized by National Conference in Srinagar city created chaos on Monday morning as hundreds of vehicles got trapped in traffic jam right from Lal Mandi Srinagar to TRC Chowk. The closure of Polo View road added to the woes of commuters who were furious at mess created by political rally in busy city.

   National Conference organized a rally in which thousands of party workers participated. The rally at Municipal Park Srinagar was addressed by Omar Abdullah, Farooq Abdullah and other party leaders.

   Police and paramilitary CRPF personnel were deployed at all intersections leading to the venue to ensure that civilian traffic does not interfere with the movement of political leaders and workers of the party, causing inconvenience to the public.

Government Forces had erected barricades and concertina wires to restrict the civil traffic movement on the Polo View Road. No vehicle was allowed to pass through the otherwise busy road. The closure of the road created traffic jam right from the Lal Mandi to TRC Chowk where couple of traffic police personnel faced enormous difficulty to regulate traffic smoothly.

   Commuters complained of inconvenience due to rules enforced by authorities. “For a mere political rally, authorities are putting thousands of people into trouble. The mindless order of blocking the roads created lot of disorder,” said a commuter to news agency CNS.

   “The same politicians are creating hue and cry over highway ban but when it comes to their own rallies, they don’t speak even a word over the closure of the roads,” said another commuter.

   A large number of netizens criticized political leaders for parking their vehicles right inside the Municipal Park. “Gardeners work hard for the beautification of this park while politicians leave no stone unturned to disfigure this beauty. Look how vehicles are parked on the fresh green grass of the park. Can’t these protected politicians park their vehicles outside the park where hundreds of troopers are there for their protection or simply can we say these politicians feel humiliation in taking a stroll and want their vehicles to get parked right beside the podium,” wrote a facebook user after posting pictures of vehicles parked inside the park.