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Nirav Modi and Chowksi looted more than 40k crore worth Kashmir sapphire through armed smugglers

Published by Kashmir News Trust on February 24, 2018, 6:36 pm

Farooq Renzu


All information about the stock of Kashmir sapphire which was available in foreign showrooms of Nirav Modi and Gitanjali of Choksi showroom is more than 40 k crores, while as per the Jammu Kashmir Government official records from 1963 till 2017 only 420 lacs worth revenue has been recovered in sequel to well documented records of each gram of Kashmir sapphire explored from rare of rarest blue mines at Suncham Padder Kishtwar.

In State Assembly these official records were documented by Industries Minister of J&K.

Mr Choksi who had frequently been in Udhampur and who was supplemented by 152 crores of J&K Bank seems one of the close partners of Sapphire loot from Kashmir by Nirav .

Recently Crores of PNB loot reveal that the Kashmir sapphire stock has been main trade of Nirav. This may be noted that as compared to official sale of 17 kilograms of total sapphire accumulated in official treasures from 1962 to 13 march 2008 only 1.13 corers were recovered by J&K Government in 2008 while as One (1) single Kashmir sapphire Blue Diamond ring named ‘Kashmir star’ was sold 19.88 carats was sold to Nirav and Choksi for 22 crores in 2011.The then Minister had announced the issuance of global tender but during same year world famous discovery channel in its investigative Programme “GAMES OF STONES” how Kashmir Sapphire is being sold in Jaipur openly at 1.20 crores per piece.

The smuggling by armed smugglers including Sri Lankan militants came in lime light on 18h July 2011 when JK police arrested three Sri Lankan nationals including Abu Hassan Mohammad Shah-bin-Qasim-bin-Hatter and Akbar Qasim along with local accomplice Dawan Chand Thoker. Similarly one Insurance Surveyor Subash Saraff of Talab Tillo was arrested by Crime Brach along with Sapphire Sivlingum and Radha Krishan Idol along with Ten accomplices.

AS compared to the stock of auctions of sapphire in J&K, the showrooms shells available in Public domain show stock worth more than 40k crores. Even one blue Kashmir sapphire ring was sold by Christie in Geneva for 22 crores of Indian currency value. Similarly, thousands of rings and necklaces of Kashmir sapphire were sold by these looters of Kashmir treasure.

 Kashmir Society International which is working for promotion of Sufi thoughts in Kashmir has strong belief that Paddar Kishtwar Sapphire mine Suncham hillock has always remained abode of great Sufi saints and Reshies. The blue sapphire exploration has been declared as prohibited act since 14th century when Simha Deva escaped with tunnels of Blue Sapphire to Kishtwar in 1321 AC. Hazrat Bulbulshah RA had recommended that no one should loot blue treasure of Kashmir and Kishtwar as it is its spiritual treasure. Throughout globe this blue spiritual sapphire of Kishtwar are rare of rarest and peerless. Even Hazrat Amir Kabir RA donated three blue sapphire jewels (Laals) for Eidgah, Jamia Masjid and Tral Khankah. In this background of spiritual importance of Kashmir sapphire when Mahraja dynasty looted it in early 20th century they invited spiritual catastrophe not only for themselves but for entire subcontinent from 1930 to 1947.

From 1947 to 1961 the Indian Administration keeping in view spiritual value of Kishtwar and sapphire hillocks stopped any access to this hillock to stop any exploration of Sapphire mines or chances of any illegitimate loot but unfortunately in 1962 to 1965 again like Maharaja mistakes, local administration with permission of Central Government fiddled with diamond mines of Kishtwar and any one can find holocaust of china India war and indo Pakistan war coinciding with same era.

The exploration was completely stopped till 1998 when suddenly Jammu Kashmir Government decided to play dangerous sapphire game.This decision of 1998 provided again access to diamond dacoits and invited spiritual trouble for entire J&K state.Renzu

Talibanies rise and diamond loot and armed smuggling from Kishtwar to international market coincide with the period. This stock has been accumulated in international market. If we look towards official claims of revenue received out of local auction of Kashmir sapphire it is only 4.20 crores from 1962 till date while thousands of sapphire carats are available in shelves of Nirav Modi show rooms in Hong Kong, Texas, New York, London and Paris. The Discovery channel in 2011 in its world famous Kashmir sapphire Loot programme showing to world how Kashmir treasure was smuggled from Kishtwar to Jaipur and how from Jaipur it was purchased for outside smugglers. The LOC route might have been used to smuggle it out of Kashmir and stock it in Nirav Modi foreign show rooms. One Mr. Christie and Sotheby’s would give international Geological certificates of these diamonds original Kashmir sapphire. When officially only 17 kilograms has been auctioned in 2008 in Jammu auction how come Kashmir sapphire worth 40k crores came in possession of Nirva, Chowksi, christie and Sotheby. When Discovery channels beamed sensational images of international smuggling of Kashmir sapphire, when Taliban commanders exhibited Kashmir sapphire in their hands, when such sapphire is nowhere in world but in Kishtwar Kashmir why no action was taken to stop Nirav Modi and Choksi to sell Kashmir sapphire without showing proof how he got such huge stock without having any official stock of such huge quantity available him. Rather accomplices showered 11k crore funds to Nirav and J&K Bank showered poor Kashmir depositors money on Choksi worth 152 crores now accumulated as 182 crores if penal interest concession given to similar NPA is withdrawn in such dacoity tactics of Choksi.

This is very important to note that top police personalities had arrested gang of diamond smugglers from Kishtwar. Even Sri Lankan smugglers might have links with LTTE or Alquda were also arrested from the area. Similarly smugglers named as Kashmiri Muslims from Doru, Kokernag as well as one Mr. Saraf was also arrested. FIR's lodged in Paddar Kishtwar police stations reveal huge list of such smugglers.

Local and National media had from 2000 till 2015 published various alarming stories of Loot of Kashmir sapphire from Kishtwar sapphire hillocks but unfortunately eyes were closed with regard to such media reports and world famous Discovery channel . Same way no heed was given in spite of fact that top authorities were made aware of such alarming stories published in National and local Media. The spiritual consequential impact of Kashmir sapphire loot or auction will be more dangerous than holocaust of 1947 ,1962 or 1965 ,or turmoil of 1990 ,if international influence is not utilized immediately to reclaim entire stock of more than 40k crores Kashmiri sapphire either sold ,auctioned cheaply through Strange methods ,or still available on shelves of Christie ,Sothby ,Gitanjali and Nirva Modi .

Kashmir society international appeales to all scholars, ulmas, Imams, writers, Historians ,lovers of Kashmir to remain steadfast to reclaim our Jammu and Kashmir assets back to state than to allow these dangerous forces to keep Kashmir burning in fire and they will auction Kashmir in international market. Our initiative to get wine banned in J&K state could not yet yield results because of such dacoits who are behind curtain responsible for disasters. By swimming in pools of blood they enjoy their mafia luxuries in name of Kashmir.

(The author is a former civil servant and a proficient author who has written this piece for Kashmir News Trust)