Second Dogra Swabhiman Rally at Jammu on tomorrow, Anti-Jammu approach of govt preventing it from ordering CBI probe: Choudhary Lal Singh

Published by Kashmir News Trust on May 26, 2018, 8:38 pm

Kashmir News Trust Web Desk


JAMMU: People of Jammu region have been left with no option but to unite once again, the way we did during the Baba Amarnath Land agitation and force the state government to order CBI probe in the Rasana case.

“We have to unite. Let us leave aside our religion, region, caste and colour. Let us get together and tell this arrogant state government that it is not about playing politics over dead bodies but preventing a region from developing serious mistrust in the intentions of the state government towards Jammu region. If this happens, we all would be at loss,” said ex-Minister Choudhary Lal Singh. He added that Dogras of Jammu region have no option but to stay united.

Out unity is our biggest plus. Whenever was have remained united, we have won whichever agitation we started. Our biggest loss is our disunity and divisions. Let us bury all the differences we have because of any reason. Let us come together and take this agitation to the logical conclusion. People of Jammu region won’t forgive us if we fail in our mission to ensure Justice is delivered in the Rasana case. The accused are hanged and the doubts in the minds of commoners are removed, said Choudhary Lal Singh.

He cautioned people to remain vigilant against forces who are trying to damage the secular fabric of Jammu region. “Terrorists, their handlers and their supporters should not be allowed to destroy regional peace of Jammu region. Discipline, Honesty and oneness should be the talking points of our agitation. We have to fight for the sake of that 8 year old Goddess who was murdered in Rasana. Her killers should not escape the noose,” said Choudhary Lal Singh.

“I appeal all of you to join me on May 26, 2018 during the second Dogra Swabhiman Rally in the ground of Government Middle School (GMS) Satwari so that we raise the voice unitedly for seeking CBI probe in the Rasana case.  This is fight for the future of Dogras. We should not let the world question our unity. Our cause is just. If six CBI inquiries can be ordered in Kashmir, why not one in Jammu? Why is the state government anti-Jammu in its approach? Why this delay? So, please join me in seeking CBI inquiry in the Rasana case,” appealed Choudhary Lal Singh.