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Shujhat Bukhari was martyred after the release of UN report on Kashmir: Lashkar-e-Taiba

Published by Kashmir News Trust on June 17, 2018, 7:51 pm


Srinagar: Mahmood Shah, Chief Lashkar-e-Taiba, in his  response to the India's announcement of abolishment of cease-fire, said that the unmatched sacrifices of Hurriyat leadership and public have rendered the vicious motives of India into failures. The funeral prayer of martyrs and eid prayer were offered together. This is a response to India's cease-fire drama. We are thankful to public for their support to our call.

Mahmood Shah in a statement to news agency CNS said that we have been exposing the India's cease-fire drama since the beginning, which in reality is an effort by Indian Forces to achieve covert targets. If India was reasonable and honest in the cease-fire, then it would have implemented Confidence-Building Measures (CBMs) and so the atrocities of Indian forces had stopped, the brutal killings had halted, and the properties were safe while the arrested Hurriyat leaders and honorable women were released from unjust captivity. But Indian forces opted to mercilessly kill innocents under the disguise of cease-fire, the violence was being imposed on the pro-freedom individuals, and the family members of freedom fighters were continuously facing harassment.

After the release of UN's report on Kashmir, Shujat Bukhari, a renowned journalist, was martyred. All such is evident to the claim that the occupational Indian forces are never honest in their settlements and negotiations. They themselves impose cease-fire and ends it whenever they wish.

Such are the facts we have been putting forth afront the public and by Allah SWT, we have been successful in our efforts that the whole nation boycotted the India's cease-fire drama. We are thankful to the public for their utter trust and belief in their sons. This is war of our freedom. The enemy has in past resorted to such vicious tactics and will continue to do so but it is the public which will render every ill-fated vicious plan into failure.