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How J&K’s former Sadre Riyasat is responsible for changing India’s national animal from lion to tiger?

KASHMIR NEWS TRUST #KNT Ahead of 50th anniversary of Project Tiger, former Sadre Riyasat of Jammu and Kashmir Dr Karan Singh recalled how he played a role in changing the national animal of India from lion to tiger. “In the late...

Baffilyaz, village in J&K’s Poonch is named after the beloved horse of ‘Alexander The Great

IQBAL AHMAD Baffilyaz, a small town in the district Poonch of Jammu and Kashmir is situated on the historic Mughal road. A curious legend about it states that it is the place where the Alexander during his expeditions towards Indian...

Loot of rich heritage: Miniature painting of Shah-e-Hamdan, handwritten copy of Quran by Aurangzeb, statues still untraceable  

KASHMIR NEWS TRUST #KNT At least 90 artefacts of Jammu Kashmir origin have gone missing from the erstwhile state, records reveal. Some of these include 81 sculptures, 5 paintings, 5 pages of a manuscript, 2 Kashmir carpet antiquities and one...

How First King Of Kashmir Accepted Islam?

Kashmir News Trust #KNT Rinchen – who was a Buddhist from Ladakh killed the infamous Kashmiri king Rama Chandra with the help of Shah Mir and became the king of Kashmir on 6 October 1320. Rinchen was an astute ruler who...

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