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Fee Fixation Committee asks complainant to pay unpaid fee in installments

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Kashmir News Trust #KNT

The Committee for Fixation and Regulation of Fee of Private Schools has asked a North Kashmir-based private school to ensure hassle-free education to a student but at the same time, it has asked the complainant to clear the balance (unpaid fee) in two installments.

Syed Tajamul Bukhari – father of a student had registered a complaint before the Fee Fixation Committee alleging that the Shah Rasool Memorial (SRM) school principle denied transport facility to this ward due to non-payment of school fee.

The Fixation Fee Committee took up the matter in front of the complainant and the school authorities and resolved the matter amicably.

The Committee asked the complainant to pay the unpaid fee in two installments while it asked the school to provide transport facility to the son of the complainant. (KNT)

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