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Gujjar and Bakarwal community stage protest seeking protection under Forest Rights Act

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Kashmir News Trust #KNT

Gujjar and Bakarwal communities Saturday staged a protest against the Forest Department for cordoning off their areas in Bathindi Jammu.

The community members while seeking protection under Forest Rights Act said that Forest Department started fencing their areas without taking them on board.

One of the community members told the news agency Kashmir News Trust that fencing work is in progress in Bathindi, Dokia, Riaka and other areas.

They demanded the implementation of the Forest Rights Act without any delay.

“Under Forest Rights Act, we have been given certain protections and rights but that Act is not being implemented in letter and spirit. It was the duty of the Forest Department to take stakeholders on board before starting fencing work in the Bathandi area,” said one of the protesters.

The protesters were carrying placards seeking enforcement of the Forest Rights Act. [KNT]

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