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‘Trap Muslim girls, we assure you job and security’: Sri Ram Sena chief’s open invitation to Hindu youths

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Sri Ram Sena chief Pramod Muthalik sparked a row after he gave an open invitation to youths to trap Muslim girls as revenge to Love Jihad and even assured that he would provide them security and employment.

While addressing a crowd in Karnataka’s Bagalkote, Pramod Muthalik said, “The situation remains the same even today. Our girls are exploited in love jihad. Across the country, thousands of girls are cheated in the name of love. We should warn them,” Times Now reported.

“Even we know how to lure the girls, not me. I would like to invite the youth here. If we lose one Hindu girl, we should trap ten Muslim girls. If you do so, Sri Ram Sena will take the responsibility of you and provide all kind of security and employment,” he added.

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