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Blacklisting contractors discriminatory and inherently biased: Sajad Lone

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J&K People’s Conference President Sajad Gani Lone Wednesday termed the practice of blacklisting contractors on the basis of reports from covert agencies as being discriminatory and inherently biased.

He asserted that such a practice can have significant consequences for individuals who are already marginalized, particularly those who are trying to reintegrate into society following a conflict.

“The blacklisting of contractors on the basis of reports from covert agencies is discriminatory and inherently biased. In a conflict what would the golden concept of reintegration mean if a person is barred from almost all forms of economic activity”, Lone tweeted on the matter.

Lone further stated that this practice can create significant challenges for individuals who are trying to earn a livelihood and support themselves and their families.

“Honestly. It is baffling. What is a supposedly ex militant, or ex sympathizer, or relative of either variety supposed to do. How will they earn their livelihood? Talk of scripting a disaster. Alas by the time disaster hits all these officers will have retired”, he added. [KNT]

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