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Govt to take harsh measures against drug addicts, peddlers in J&K

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In order to ensure a ‘drug-free’ society, authorities have decided to actively control drug trafficking and punish those involved in this illegal trade.

For the past two months, district magistrates of every district of Jammu and Kashmir have chaired special meetings to review the control measures initiated against drug abuse in the district, official sources told news agency Kashmir News Trust.

They said ways to effectively tackle the drug problem have already been discussed and now the orders and directions passed in those meetings will be strictly implemented on the ground. One of the measures to control the drug menace is to attach the properties of notorious drug peddlers and narco-dealers. The habitual offenders will face the music and likely be booked under the stringent Public Safety Act.

“There will be anti-drug squads in plain clothes outside educational institutions keeping a strict vigil on the activities of the suspects. Besides Drug Control Department will conduct random inspections and suspend licenses of medical shops for rule violations.”

Enforcement Agencies have already been cracking down on drug trafficking and punishing those who distribute illegal drugs.

Official sources said that only psychiatrists can prescribe contrabands to patients while the Drug Control Department would audit the prescriptions at medical stores.

Drug addicts are already been treated and rehabilitated in order to save their families and society from ruin. [KNT]


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