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Punishing father for son’s crime against natural justice: Omar Abdullah

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KASHMIR NEWS TRUST #KNT National Conference leader Omar Abdullah Monday said that his government didn’t punish relatives for the crimes of others.

He refuted the allegations that previous governments provide government jobs to militants but added that they didn’t punish a father for the misdeeds of his son.

Omar Abdullah was talking to reporters in Srinagar on the sidelines of a public rally in Srinagar.

In response to a question, Omar Abdullah said that National Conference will never support a policy that is against natural justice.

“We didn’t punish people because they were relatives of militants. Is it fair for me to punish you for the crime committed by your father or a son? Tomorrow, if God forbid a close relative of Manoj Sinha Sahab commits a crime, should he be sent to jail?” Omar Abdullah questioned.

He said it is against natural justice to punish a relative for the crimes committed by others. Omar said that nobody is supporting or advocating that militants should be given government jobs but at the same time relatives of militants should not be targeted.

He also castigated the government for bringing a blacklisted recruiting job agency to Jammu and Kashmir. “The present government is playing with the future of youth. We want an inquiry on how APTECH, which is blacklisted across the country, was given a contract and where the scams had taken place.”

He alleged that the present dispensation likes to misuse the police and the use of police force against the civilian population is really bad. [KNT]


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