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Snatching rights of govt employees against the principles  of Constitution

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Senior CPIM leader Muhammad Yousuf Tarigami Saturday said that government can’t snatch the rights of employees guaranteed to them by the Constitution.

He was reacting to the circular issued by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir regarding the use of social media by its employees.

“Government employee is a citizen also and he has every right to exercise his freedom. A government employee can either support or oppose the government’s view and actions and depriving him of this right is against the law and the very principles of the Constitution,” Tarigami told news agency Kashmir News Trust.

According to the new social media guidelines, no government employee shall, by any utterance, writing, or otherwise discuss or criticize in public or in any meeting of any association or body any policy pursued or action taken by the government nor shall he in any manner participate in any such discussion or criticism.

Tarigami said that every criticism within the ambit of law and constitution is justified. “For this freedom and these rights, people have fought and now government can’t take these rights away from the citizens,” he said.

He said it is injustice and totally unfair to stop an employee from even expressing his views on a price rise or social justice. [KNT]

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