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Decision to allot flats to non-locals in Jammu draws flak

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The decision of the Jammu Kashmir Housing Board to allot flats to non-locals in Jammu has come under sharp criticism from various political parties including National Conference and Congress.

National Conference has said that it shows the real intentions of Bhartiya Janata Party which is eager to dislodge locals from Jammu. “People of Jammu have now started realizing that non-locals are being preferred over them. There is a resentment and people of Jammu will surely give vent to their frustration when they will oust the Bhartiya Janata Party from the region,” the party said.

Congress said that it is unfair to settle non-locals in Jammu. The party said that locals of Jammu are angry and the decision taken by the Housing Board is illogical. “Only the government elected by the local people has the mandate to take such kind of decisions,” the party as per the news agency Kashmir News Trust said.

Pertinently, Housing Board has announced that it will allot at least 336 flats to non-locals. This scheme is under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana mission.

Bhartiya Janata Party however has backed the decision saying that India is one and there is no harm if non-locals settle in Jammu. [KNT]


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