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Despite ban on begging, beggars swarm on Srinagar roads

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Despite a blanket ban on the begging practice, beggars in Srinagar swarm on Srinagar roads, particularly at traffic signal points.

From young girls to elderly people, mostly from outside states can be seen begging on Srinagar roads. The practice has been taking a toll on common people who have appealed to the district administration to put a full stop to this menacing exercise.

The professional beggars can be seen hounding locals, especially the drivers on traffic signal points across Srinagar city.

“There is an organized begging mafia that bring beggars in private vehicles and drops them at various places across the Srinagarcity,” said a local to news agency Kashmir News Trust adding that it is a lucrative business and fetch a lot of money.

The beggars can be seen in streets, malls, petrol stations, outside masjids, shrines, temples, and traffic signals.

Another local said that government must put an end to this practice. “On the one hand you try to present Srinagar city as a developing one, you are beautifying it while on the other hand, the presence of innumerable beggars on Srinagar roads deflates the very idea of development,” he said.

Pertinently, the Srinagar District administration has already banned begging in public places. [KNT]


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