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Justice of Umar Ibne Al-Khataab [RA]

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In Egypt, Abdur Rahmaan – the son of 2nd Khaleefa Umar Ibne Al-Khataab [RA] was caught drinking alcohol.

Instead of mandatory public punishment, the Governor of Egypt ‘Amar Ibn Al’ Aas [RA] thought he was the son of the Leader of the Believers, so instead of punishing him in public, he gave him preferential treatment and punished him in private.

When the news reached Umar in Madeenah, he wrote a letter to the Governor of Egypt which read:

“I am amazed by you, O son of Al Aas, by how bold you are with me, and by how blatantly you have acted contrary to my orders. I chose you, ignoring some of the companions of Prophet [PBUH] who participated in Badar and appointed you as the Governor……..i feel now, however, that you sullied your reputation beyond repair, and I think that I have no choice but to fire you from your post…..

The letter further read: “You beat my son in your house instead of public, even after you came to know that he disobeyed. Verily, my son is nothing more than a common member of your flock. You must do with him what you would do with other Muslims. But you thought he is my son despite knowing I show clemency to none……..

“When this letter reaches you, send my son in a cloak (a dress used for prisoners/wrongdoers) and upon a saddle of a camel so that he may come to know the evil of what he did.”

When Abdur Rahmaan – the son of Umar arrived in Madeenah, Umar flogged him, and beat him in public like any other ordinary wrongdoer.

This was the justice and equality that Umar always believed in……… [KNT]

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