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School time lifting of garbage by SMC causes traffic mess in Lal Bazar

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School time lifting of garbage by Srinagar Municipal Corporation causes traffic mess in Lal Bazar area of Srinagar city. The vast dumping site is present near Goenka private school.

“Out of 30 feet road, 10 feet are occupied by garbage. SMC sanitation workers along with vehicles emerge on daily basis at 9 in the morning, block the road as a result not only school buses, but vehicles ferrying employees too get stuck,” a local resident told news agency Kashmir News Trust.

Parents of school kids had repeatedly requested to stop the morning-time lifting of solid waste, but the unhealthy practice continues leading to chaos and massive traffic jam.

“It is a nightmare to drive on Sadarbal-Lal Bazar road during morning hours due to the callous attitude of SMC workers. Trucks and JCB used to lift the waste virtually block the road for hours,” said a shopkeeper.

People appealed to SMC authorities to get the waste life during pre-dawn hours.

“Here all departments know how to add to the hardships of people. No one has priority to reduce the people’s sufferings,” said a local adding that it is a daily routine, which causes a great nuisance to people. [KNT]


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