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Doctors serving at one place for over a decade are source of ‘headache’ for administration, colleagues, patients

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In the absence of any formal transfer policy, some doctors have been posted for over a decade at one workplace in Kashmir Valley under Nation Health Mission. This practice has badly hit patient care and has become a source of nuisance in various hospitals of Valley where doctors are not being transferred even after 10 or 12 years.

Some medicos on condition of anonymity told the news agency Kashmir News Trust that those doctors who have been posted for over 10 years have hijacked the hospitals and they are ruling the roost.

“You won’t believe it, some of these doctors earn commission from diagnostic centres and medical shop owners when they refer the patients advertently there. There are reports that some of these doctors in partnership with others have set up medical shops outside the hospitals,” they said.

“These doctors virtually act as medical superintendents of the hospitals,” they added.

Such doctors have established roots within and outside the hospitals. “If authorities can’t transfer such doctors outside districts at least they should be transferred within the districts. When a doctor knows he can’t be transferred, he starts dictating, and becomes the source of continuous nuisance, not only for patients but for administration and colleagues as well.”

Another medico said that such doctors at a particular hospital resented the idea of the Medical Superintendent to get the government supply for the hospital instead they preferred the medical supply from the markets because it suited them as they earn a commission.

Allowing a doctor to stay at the same place for a longer period of time has been proving counterproductive for the health sector. Authorities must take note of it and transfer all those doctors who have been posted for over a decade at a workplace. [KNT]

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