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Hope Imran Khan is not harmed, unstable Pakistan dangerous for us: Farooq Abdullah

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National Conference leader and Parliament member Dr Farooq Abdullah Wednesday said that an unstable Pakistan is quite dangerous for India. He said he hopes Imran Khan will be released and not harmed.

While reacting over the prevailing situation in Pakistan after the arrest of Imran Khan Farooq Abdullah said that it’s been a tragedy for Pakistan for a long time, unfortunately, they have a checkered history right from the time of independence.

“The first Prime Minister Liyaq Ali Khan was also assassinated. There is a constant history of assassinations. Prime Minister Zulfqar Ali Bhatto was also hanged. His daughter Benazir Bhutto was also assassinated. Unfortunately for us in India unstable Pakistan is dangerous for us,” Farooq Abdullah as per the news agency Kashmir News Trust said.

While talking to reporters Farooq Abdullah said that: “We need a stable Pakistan which is essential for peace in the subcontinent. Now with the present situation that they are in, economically in very desperate condition. Also, recent floods in Balochistan have put that country in a miserable situation. I can’t tell you the condition of the people in Balochistan. What we see from the media because I am not there. It is very vital that the country must stabilize itself,” he said.

Farooq Abdullah added that “Today the ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan who is very popular there is no doubt about it has been arrested. He is asking for an election in that country which will be probably in 4 months’ time, I hope it does. I hope he is released and I hope he is not harmed. The most important thing is that I hope his life is saved. We would wish that country well. It’s our neighbor and we hope something better will come and the people of that nation will have a peaceful life.” [KNT]

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