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Srinagar Stabbing Incident: Juvenile’s gruesome act sends shockwaves, Police will appeal to court to treat him adult

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Love can make juveniles do crazy things, but what happens when it’s met with disapproval? In a chilling incident in Kashmir capital Srinagar, a boy took matters into his own hands after the father of his alleged girlfriend refused to accept their relationship. The juvenile stabbed the father to death in a fit of rage.

Police solved this gruesome murder case within less than 24 hours. SP West Mr Gaurav told reporters that keeping the nature of the offense in consideration police are going to file a petition in the court of law to request the court to treat the accused juvenile as an adult in accordance with section 15 of the Juvenile Justice Act 2015.

The accused as per the news agency Kashmir News Trust was arrested by the police in the middle of the night. He confessed his crime voluntarily. The criminal told the police that he stabbed the father of the girl with a cutlet which he was keeping with him for the sole purpose to eliminate him.

The victim Ajaz Ahmed Bhat disapproved of his daughter’s relationship with the criminal. It didn’t go down well with the accused who stabbed Bhat to death. Police didn’t disclose the identity of the criminal. “The girl is being questioned and an investigation is in progress,” SP Mr Gaurav said.

Meanwhile, netizens have been appreciating the role of the police in arresting the accused hours after the gory incident.

“We are in shock and can’t believe this has happened in our locality,” said a local from the victim’s vicinity adding that he is quite sure the accused has done this gruesome act under the influence of drugs.

In the past as well, a number of juveniles have been arrested for their involvement in crimes that were serious in nature. A juvenile was also involved in an acid attack on a young girl in Srinagar city.

“A lot depends on upbringing. Family environment plays a key role in shaping the personality of a child. Let us hold the parents equally responsible for the crimes committed by their children, only that way murders, burglary, rapes, abduction, drug addiction can be curbed,” a respectable citizen told KNT.

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