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#VIDEO: ‘A school in old Srinagar city becomes a den for ‘morally corrupt’ students’

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Parents Monday alleged that a Wakf Board-run private higher secondary school has become a den for outside students who indulge in ‘immoral activities.’ They also alleged that the school lack all the basic amenities.

The educational institution in question is ‘Sultan-ul-Aarifeen’ Higher Secondary School (SAHSS) located in Kathi Darwazar Makdhoom Sahab area of Rainawari Srinagar.

Parents said that it has become a routine for students from outside colleges to enter the premises of the SAHSS without any accountability and check.

“These morally corrupt students smoke and use cell phones while school management doesn’t bother to take any action,” a group of parents told news agency Kashmir News Trust.

The parents said they caught a couple of students rend-handed smoking inside the school.

“One of the students (girl) cried and didn’t use the washroom when she saw indecent and lecherous lines being written on the walls. School management is so negligent and carefree that it neither bothered to scrub those offensive lines from the wall nor tried to find out the students responsible for the act. This school has become a den for the morally corrupt students,” the parents said.

“There are no CCTV cameras despite it being a Higher Secondary School where boys and girls study shoulder to shoulder. School teachers have no control over male students who attend and leave the school at their sweet will and do whatever they want inside the school,” they said.

The parents appealed to concerned authorities to look into the matter and bring the school on track. “Our locality has decided to lock the school if the management continues to be careless,” they said.

Seeking comments from the school management didn’t materialize. [KNT]


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