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How Islamic Army General Muhammad Bin Qasim Died?

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The king of Sri Lanka sent back some Muslim orphan women to the Arab Governor of Iraq since their parents had died while trading in the country

But on the way near the coast of Sindh these women were kidnapped by the pirates.

The Arab Governor asked Hindu King Dahir of Sindh to rescue the women and send them to Baghdad.

King Dahir said that he has no control over pirates on deep seas.

Arab Governor Al-Hajaj didn’t like the reply of Hindu king and he ordered his army to land on the coast of Sindh.

Arab Governor sent his nephew Muhammad Bin Qasim with seasoned soldiers.

Muhamamd Bin Qasim was only 17. He conquered Sindh and Multan. He became the first Muslim conquerer of Indian soil.

Muhamamd Bin Qasim killed king Dahir and seized his two young daughters.

He took them to Baghdad and presented them to the Governor.

The girls planned a revenge against Muhamamd Bin Qasim for he had killed their father.

The elder daughter falsely accused Muhamamd Bin Qasim of having tarnished her chastity.

The Governor stitched Muhamamd Bin Qasim alive in the bag and dumped him into a dust bin.

After a few days the bag was cut open in the presence of Dahir’s daughters. But Qasim was already dead by then.

The girls then confessed to the governor that Muhammad Bin Qasim was innocent.

The girls then were put to death.

Muhamamd Bin Qasim was only 18 when he was sentenced to death. He was the first Muslim Army General who unfurled the flag of Islam in subcontinent.

Sindh and Mutan are now parts of Pakistan.

It won’t be wrong to assume that Islam came to Pakistan just because of the bravery and efforts of Muhammad Bin Qasim.

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