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Woman injured while detaching ‘illegal’ power connection in Srinagar

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A woman fell down from her house and sustained injuries when she tried to allegedly detach an illegal electricity connection after the arrival of the Power Department inspection team in the Srinagar locality on Wednesday.

The woman has been shifted to SMHS Hospital for treatment. She has suffered head injuries.

The incident occurred in Tankipora area of Srinagar city.

After the installation of smart meters in Kashmir, people, mostly those who can’t afford to pay fatty power bills allegedly draw electricity by putting the hook in place and detaching later to avoid being pulled up for power theft.

One of the relatives of the woman told the news agency Kashmir News Trust that Afroza [name changed] hurriedly tried to detach the wire from the window of her house when an inspection team arrived in the locality and unfortunately, she lost the balance and fell down.

She said she was taken to hospital with head injuries. “Her husband is a labourer who finds it hard to meet both ends,” she added.

Pertinently, smart meters have been installed even in areas inhabited by people living below the poverty line. Consumers find it hard to pay fatty power bills. [KNT]

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