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Fighting drug abuse: Medical shop owners directed to install CCTV cameras

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In a bid to check the menace of drug abuse and discourage chemists from selling psychotropic drugs, authorities have directed the medical shop owners and clinical establishments to install CCTV cameras for strict surveillance.

Official sources told news agency Kashmir News Trust that a large number of medical shop owners and clinical establishments have already installed CCTV cameras, however, there are still others where surveillance cameras have not been installed.

“There are strict directions from the authorities to concerned officers to get the CCTV cameras installed for surveillance with regard to the containment of sale of psychotropic drugs.”

Official sources added that the government has adopted a zero-tolerance policy against drug suppliers and traffickers across Jammu and Kashmir.

“Not only the chemists have been directed to install cameras but sustained campaigns in schools and colleges have been intensified to sensitize students and common masses about ill effects of drugs,” official sources added. [KNT]





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