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CEO Kupwara Orders Immediate Relocation of BHSS Senior Assistant

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The Chief Education Officer (CEO) Kupwara has issued a directive aimed at streamlining administrative positions within the Education Department.

The CEO had issued an order in April this year directing  Mohammed Amin Dar, a Senior Assistant at BHSS Langate to promptly return to his original place of posting.

This directive was communicated to Mr. Dar through the Zonal Education Officer Langate, with a specific instruction to report to his original place of assignment without delay. It appears that Dar didn’t join and thus ignored the directives from Chief Education Officer.

CEO has issued a fresh order directing the said Senior Assistant to join the original place of posting without any delay.

An official said that the move by CEO Kupwara aims to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the education system within the district. [KNT]

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