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Jammu Muslim Front labels China a terrorist country after it shut down 100’s of mosques

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While dubbing China as an anti-Muslim and a terrorist country, Jammu Muslim Front Friday criticized the Chinese government’s efforts to shut down mosques and the persecution of Muslim minorities.

Chairman Jammu Muslim Front, Shujah Zaffar in a statement to the news agency Kashmir News Trust said that in addition to closing mosques, China has been altering mosque architecture. He said these are the sheer examples of terrorism and Muslim world should take note of it.

Quoting a news report, Shujah Zaffar said that around 1300 mosques in Ningxia, about a third of the total number registered, have been closed since 2020. This figure does not include mosques closed or demolished due

to their unofficial status, most of which occurred before 2020.

He criticized the government’s actions, stating that the closures and destruction of mosques represent a systematic effort to suppress Islam in China, contradicting

the government’s claim of merely “consolidating” mosques. [KNT]


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