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Alexander Begak Embarks on a Global Journey with the Revolutionary “Nemty” Project

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Renowned Russian aircraft designer Alexander Begak, known for inventing the versatile “Begalet” transport, capable of traveling on land, water, and through the air, now introduces a groundbreaking concept – “Nemty,” a celestial spacecraft for the third millennium.

Begak’s extraordinary creation, reminiscent of an otherworldly device, was inspired during his visit to the futuristic “Museum of the Future” in Dubai. The design, with echoes of the legendary “Aladdin lamp” from The Thousand and One Nights, combines tradition with innovation, resembling an artifact from an ancient, unfamiliar civilization.

Influenced by Ancient Egypt, Begak named his intergalactic project “Nemty” after the legendary sacred ship that transported the supreme gods. According to Begak, Nemty serves as a bridge connecting the past and the future.
Acknowledging his visionary contributions, Begak is nominated for the Innovator of the Year Award by the BCMF – BRICS Cultural Media Forum. The award ceremony, part of the Spiritual Leadership and Creative Economy Forum in Grozny, Russian Federation, will take place from March 5-7.

Dr. Jaan Nissar Lone, BCMF Global President, emphasizes the importance of showcasing Begak’s innovative programs globally, highlighting the Nemty project’s representation of speed, comfort, and safety – essential components for the future of civilization. The inaugural Nemty will be displayed at the Museum of the Future in Dubai.

Director of Communications at BCMF, Dr. Sergei Dvorianov, lauds Begak’s talent, describing him as a crucial figure in the age of the creative economy. Dvorianov underlines the significance of Begak’s spiritual beliefs, noting his upcoming tour of India, where he plans to visit renowned temples. The “Nemty” project is hailed as a gift to humanity, aligning with BCMF’s mission to balance technological progress with spiritual development, envisioning a Golden Age for mankind.

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