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Air India Express flight from Delhi to Srinagar virtually ‘fainted’ passengers

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The Air India Express flight from Delhi to Srinagar was traumatizing for the passengers when the crew made a couple of failed attempts to land at Srinagar Airport yesterday.

The Air India Express flight (15741) which departed from Delhi to Srinagar at 2:50 Pm on 13 March yesterday took off again when it was touching to land at Srinagar Airport. The pilot made a couple of failed attempts to land, and after making several rounds in the air, much to the satisfaction of the passengers made a successful landing.

“There were chaotic scenes inside the plane. The atmosphere was scary and some passengers started crying. I don’t know whether it was due to bad weather or the plane had developed some technical snag,” said a passenger who was on board to the news agency Kashmir News Trust.

Another passenger accused the Air India Express of playing with the lives of people. “I can’t express in words those panicking moments inside the plane when it failed to land on the runway. We all were very anxious and virtually crying after the plane made many failed attempts to land,” he said.

Efforts to reach the Director, Srinagar Airport didn’t materialize. The story will be updated once contact is established. [KNT


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