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‘Construction of Grid Station: Land donors accuse PDD of ‘exploitation’

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The landlords from multiple villages of Sharifabad HMT area of Srinagar outskirts have accused the government of ‘fraud’ saying that despite offering their land for the construction of a power grid, they neither got any job nor were given free electricity as was promised to them by the authorities.

The villagers of Shariefabad, Durbal, and Hanjik said that earlier they got free electricity but soon after the completion of the grid station, they started receiving the electricity bills.

“The Power Development Department had promised us that an individual from each land donor would get a job and besides all the donors would get free electricity. Both these promises were not kept by the department,” a group of villagers told the news agency Kashmir News Trust.

They said they are being forced to pay power tariffs. “We are disappointed and feel dejected, were are exploited and befooled by the PDD,” they said and pledged to start an agitation against what they called ‘injustice’.

An official said that land donors have already been compensated and there is no question of providing free electricity or jobs to people. [KNT]

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