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Medical Department shuts ‘Foliage Hair Expert Clinic’ in Srinagar after customer cries foul

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The Medical Department team took action against an unregistered hair transplant clinic and directed it not to operate after a customer alleged that he was cheated and his hair transplant surgery was conducted by inexperienced doctors as a result he developed health complications.
 The clinic in question is “Foliage Hair Expert Clinic” located in the uptown area of Jawahar Nagar Srinagar. The action was taken by the Chief Medical Officer Srinagar after the aggrieved customer filed an online complaint on LG’s Grievance Portal.
 Shortly after receiving the complaint, the Clinical Establishment Section CMO office in Srinagar as per the news agency Kashmir News Trust reported that the proprietor of the “Foliage Hair Expert Clinic” has been running his clinic without any intimation to the office of the Chief Medical Officer Srinagar.
During the inspection, the clinic in question was found fully functional but without getting registration from the registering authority.
Pertinently, running an establishment without getting registration from the District Registering Authority leads to penalties.
The owner of the Clinic in question has been directed to shut the clinic and submit his or her reply within 3 days positively.
The customer (name withheld) in his complaint had alleged that he was lured by the Foliage Hair Expert Clinic Jawahar Nagar Srinagar through fake advertisements wherein the clinic owner claimed that hair transplant surgeries are conducted by professional doctors. He alleged that despite paying hefty sums, he witnessed no hair growth and further he developed severe health issues. [KNT]

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