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48,949: dog population in Srinagar as per SMC

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Kashmir News Trust #KNT

Claiming that the population of stray dogs in Kashmir capital Srinagar stands at 48,949, Commissioner Srinagar Municipal Corporation, Dr G.N.Qasba Tuesday said that recently a fresh survey on dog population was carried out by an independent agency – “The Humane Society International”, adopting a very scientific method called the Lincoln Index Method, the technique is adopted the world over and as per their reports, there are only 48,949 dogs present in Srinagar City.

Addressing a press conference in his office chambers, Commissioner SMC said that the Corporation has the capability for carrying out 10-15 surgeries a day while the focus to enhance the number of surgeries to 50-60 surgeries a day is on cards.

He said the creation of kennels and operation theatres will play a greater role in bringing down the population of dogs. “We expect that by the end of May 2013, our operation theatre and other allied structures are fully functional so that the number of surgeries is enhanced on daily basis,” Qasba said adding that till date their focus on sterilization was ward 15 and 16 where they have been able to bring down the population of stray dogs to a stable level.

Chairman, Srinagar Municipal Corporation, Dr G.N.Qasba claimed that in the city-centre Lal Chowk area, SMC has deployed special garbage collection vehicles, which collect garbage door to door from all the hotels and restaurants, and due to the non-availability of 0ffal  on the streets, the population of stray dogs in this area has dropped down to considerable limits. [KNT]

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