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Army in Kashmir have vested interests in AFSPA

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National Conference Additional General Secretary, Dr Shiekh Mutafa Kamal Tuesday claimed that Army deployed in Jammu and Kashmir are misusing Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and they by hook or crook want the continuation of this draconian Act.

“Once this Act will be revoked Army will face the music. All the ‘killer’ Army officers will be compelled to plead before the court and that’s why they are misleading Centre on this Act and claiming that once this Act will be over, Army will be crippled to deal with militancy,” Kamal told Srinagar based news agency Kashmir News Trust adding that under the garb of AFSPS, Army is ruling the state at will.

Kamal said that Army has done a lot of damage to Kashmir and they are frustrated now the way state government is opposing this contentious Act. “Why Defence Ministry is opposing the revocation of this law? It is just because the Army brass in Jammu and Kashmir is misleading the Defense Ministry of India. They (Army) know that once this Act will be over, they will no longer be in a position to rule the state at impunity,” he said.

He said that Army has vested interests and the speech delivered by Chief Minister in the Assembly clearly indicates that Army in no way is in the favour of revocation of AFSPA. “We all know that all Army officers are not involved in civilian killings. Let the Army identify those killers and they will get punishment as per law. Why Army is hesitating and why do they want to save the killers who are involved in the killing of innocent civilians?” he said.

National Conference leader said that the reality is that AFSPA can’t stop attacks on Army and CRPF. They must understand that AFSPA is draconian and it needs to be revoked.

He criticized Congress Minister Sham Lal for always being vocal about the discontent being found in Coalition Government. “Shame Lal Sharma can’t decide about the fate of coalition as it is up to Congress High Command where Sharma doesn’t have any say,” Kamal said adding that the killing of Saidapora, Idgah youth in Srinagar was not a revenge killing. “Man is emotional. CRPF personnel were emotional as the militants had gunned down their five comrades. When they were cornered, they fired upon protestors,” Kamal said. [KNT]

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