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Meet Arsalan Manzoor – Kashmir’s youngest Cinematographer

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Kashmir News Trust #KNT

Kashmir has got the youngest Cinematographer in the form of a Srinagar local Arsalan Manzoor.

Arsalan hails from Harwan area of Srinagar outskirt.

The young Arsalan has already made it to Bollywood by working with some well-known production houses and some bigwigs.

Cinematography is the art and craft of making motion pictures by capturing a story visually with a camera and light and Arsalan is keen to make a mark in this art.

Arsalan with Papu Khana

There are so many hit songs for which Arsalan has done cinematography. These include Salam-E-Wazwan, Khuda Meharban, Rubaru, Rouvmut Dildar, and Sona Sona.

The songs of Arsalan have views in millions of each on social media. He was also part of a hit number ‘Salam-E-Wazwan’ that became popular in the sub-continent due to its tinge of Persian language.

Arsalan Manzoor who started his career as a photographer is now an established Cinematographer who after his debut song ‘Khuda Meharban,’ went on to work with AR Music Studios where he filmed the songs like Rubaru, Rouvmut Dildar, Salam-e-Wazwan, and Sona Sona. While Rouvmut Dildar was a heartbreaking song that portrayed the plight of half widows, Salam-E-Wazwan highlighted the delightful nature of Kashmiri Cuisine.

He has received an award from the 35awards as well, in the capacity of being one of the top 50 lens-men in the world in portrait photography.

Arsalan (left) with Bollywood singer Salman Ali

Arsalan’s foray into the music industry has been inspiring dozens of youth from Kashmir. He is currently associated with famous choreographer Papu Khana – introduced by Bollywood legend Shah Rukh Khan.

“Since my debut song in 2016, I have come a long way and I am to some extent able to carve a niche for myself,” Arsalan told news agency Kashmir News Trust.

“My debut song was a huge break for me because it was a project with Rajshri Entertainment, a production where the likes of Salman Khan launched his career with movies like Maine Pyar Kiya. The song was directed by Keshav Panneriy, the man who has directed the movies like Jeena Isi ka Naam hai. Having got the opportunity to work with such bigwigs and talented artists, I fell in love with my work,” says Arsalan who is quite optimistic about his future endavours.

Titled Ronni Matte, Arsalan has himself produced a song as well, and in this, he worked both as director and cinematographer. Written by the Sufi poet Ahad Zargar, the song was composed by the famous Kashmiri music duo Irfan and Bilal.

Arsalan is currently working with Bollywood singers like Salman Ali and Altamash Faridi. (KNT)


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