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AR Music Studios Sensational Song “Wafa Kartam” transcends borders

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Kashmir News Trust #KNT

With the release of their new song “Wafa Kartam”, AR Music Studios testifies that “Great Art knows no barriers, no boundaries”.

“Wafa Kartam” expresses a desire for dedication and commitment of a delicate heart from its beloved. Shot in UAE with the amalgamation of words and symphony that will be a delight to its listeners.

The poet, a police officer  Hilal Khaliq (has portray the lyrics in a manner that makes it understandable and relatable to one and all.

Sung by a very prominent Bollywood singer Rani Hazarika, directed and composed by our very own Jaan Nissar Lone who is credited to revive Kashmiri music and introduce it all across the globe and the introductory cast Shah Idrees and Priya Shukla, Wafa Kartam is all set to lead you where your belief is without borders. [KNT]

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