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International Mother Language Day observed at Central University

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Department of Kashmiri, Central University of Kashmir observed International Mother Language Day.

Regarding the day VC, CUK Prof. Farooq Ahmad Shah stated that the Kashmiri Language is our identity. It is our utmost responsibility at individual and collective levels that we should put our all-out efforts to preserve and promote the Kashmiri language.

He further stated that the Kashmiri language is rich as this language gave us world-renowned poets, men of letters, and philosophers. Talking about the present scenario, he said that efforts have to be made for the promotion and upliftment of the Kashmiri language. Language is an essential tool to communicate and share knowledge, memory and history and it is also key to full and equal participation.

Speaking on the occasion, Registrar CUK, Prof. Muhammad Afzal Zargar stated that, Mother tongue holds the nation’s identity and gives us the opportunity to delve deep into the cultural heritage, traditional background, and literary history of that nation. He further stated that parents and educational institutions are supposed to shoulder the responsibility for the preservation of the mother tongue. He expressed ultimate satisfaction regarding the New Educational Policy, which has created a niche for the mother tongue and has been given due importance. It is the need of the hour to make our best efforts to go for the same, otherwise, that day is not far away when the mother tongue will remain confined to books.

Dean School of Languages, Prof. Gayas-ud-Din said that it is a matter of extreme pleasure that the Department of Kashmiri, Central University of Kashmir is organizing today’s program. He stated that educational institutions have to come to the forefront and can play a vital role in terms of promoting and preserving the mother tongue, then we can expect a bright future for the same.

Speaking on the occasion, the Coordinator of Department of Kashmiri, Dr Irfan Ahmad Malik stated that the Kashmiri language is a very ancient language possessing rich historical background, whether it is poetry or prose, the Kashmiri language has been rich and from the beginning, this language has been the fountainhead of knowledge and philosophy. He said that today on this occasion, we should take an initiative to broaden the scope of the Kashmiri language, so that the new generation would be encouraged to know more and more about their rich cultural heritage.

Assistant Professor, Department of Kashmiri, Dr. Ali Muhammad Dar stated that, the mother tongue is the source of exploration for human nature through which a person can brush up on his personality and thought process. He further stated that the mother’s lap is the first university of a child and it is the mother who used to teach her child the mother language through lullabies, storytelling, etc. And it is the mother who used to create consciousness and sensibility of a child towards mother tongue. That is why the mother tongue is the perfect medium of expression, and when we talk about developed countries we used to witness that they are imparting elementary education in their mother tongue.

Dr. Samreen Gilani, Assistant professor, Department of Kashmiri, CUK, said that the Kashmiri language is not the only mode of communication, but it paves the way to dive deep into the culture, and traditions and connects us with our heritage. The Kashmiri language has been fortunate enough to have gems in terms of literature. However, it is overwhelming that many organizations are making their best efforts to make it richer and richer and preserve it for generations to come but much more has to be done.

Another Faculty member of the Department of Kashmiri CUK, Dr. Imtiyaz Mustafa stated that today International Mother Language Day is being observed and this day makes us realize the significance of mother tongue. But, it should not be confined for today only but every other moment, we have to keep this in mind that Kashmiri language is our identity and we have to be sensitive enough towards promotion and preservation of the same. This is the language of prolific personalities like Lal Ded and Sheikh-ul Alam, we have to initiate on priority basis so that Kashmiri language can reach its own heights.

The event was attended by Vice Chancellor, Central University of Kashmir Prof. Farooq Ahmad Shah, the Registrar Central University of Kashmir Prof. Muhammad Afzal Zargar, Dean School of Languages Prof. Gayasudin, Coordinator Department of Kashmiri, Dr Irfan Ahmad Malik and other faculty members of the Department including Dr Ali Muhammad Dar, Dr Samreena Gilani and Dr Imtiyaz Mustafa along with students of the department. [KNT]



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