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Who is lying? Satyapal or Muzaffar Beigh?

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Former Jammu Kashmir Governor Satyapal Malik has claimed that late senior separatist leader Syed Ali Geelani had lauded him for his role in Jammu and Kashmir.

Malik quoted former minister Muzaffar Beigh as having said to him while his (Beigh’s) meeting with Geelani.

In an interview to senior journalist Karan Thapar, Malik said: “He (Muzaffar Beigh) was coming to meet me one day and was a bit late. When I asked the reason he (Beigh) said Geelani (Syed Ali Geelani) had called him. I said what is he (Geelani) saying, Beigh said Geelani told him where is he going and he (Beigh) informed him (Geelani) he (Beigh) is going to meet the Governor.”

Satyapal Malik as per the news agency Kashmir News Trust while quoting Beigh went on to say that  Beigh informed him (Satyapal) that Geelani said that he (Satyapal) is a great Governor and we can enter into a deal.

Hearing this revelation, the interviewer Karan Thaper quipped, “Geelani had said this, about you,” to which Satyapal replies in affirmative.

“That poor leader (Geelani) is not alive today, but Muzafar Beigh is alive.

Quoting Beigh, Satyapal said that Geelani had told Beigh that Satyapal doesn’t resort to deceit and treachery but calls a spade a spade.

Meanwhile, responding to the claim made by the former Jammu Kashmir Governor, the Deputy Chief Minister in Mufti Sayed’s cabinet, Muzafar Beigh told a media outlet that Malik has lost his memory as he never met Syed Ali Geelani. [KNT]

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