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ITI Mutual Fund launches Equity Fund NFO

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ITI Mutual Fund has launched NFO – ITI Focused Equity Fund and the NFO opened today and will close for subscription on 12 June. ITI Focused Equity Fund is a highly concentrated portfolio investing in 30 companies across market capitalization. The minimum application amount is Rs 5000 and in multiples of Rs. 1 thereafter. The fund will be jointly managed by Mr. Dhimant Shah and Mr. Rohan Korde. ITI Focused Equity Fund will be benchmarked against Nifty 500 Total Return Index.

The fund will invest predominantly in equity and equity-related securities of up to 30  companies across various market capitalisations.

The NFO is suitable for those investors who are looking to invest with a long-term horizon.

Rajesh Bhatia- Chief Investment Officer, ITI Mutual Fund said, “ITI Focused Equity Fund is a concentrated portfolio, and we hope to bring the benefits of growth drivers and growth leaders of many sectors to our investors on a long-term basis. With proven track record and a sound philosophy of investment, ITI Mutual Fund is focussed on offering investment solutions to all investors with varied risk appetites”.




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