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One-side news story: Court dismisses petition seeking quashment of defamation proceedings

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The High Court of Jammu Kashmir & Ladakh has dismissed a petition of a news portal owner from Kathua seeking quashment of defamation proceedings against him by the owner of a hospital.

The owner of a Kathua-based news portal had released a story against a private hospital alleging that it lacks basic infrastructure and other facilities. The owner of the news portal had also released a video footage of former legislator Heera Nagar against the hospital.

The owner of the hospital had approached the court and filed a defamation case against the owner of the news portal.

Subsequently, the owner of the news portal filed a petition seeking quashment of the defamation notice.

Advocate Sheikh Shakeel Ahmed representing the hospital owner told the court that the news about the hospital is a glaring example of ‘yellow journalism’ and the main issue is that the owner of the news portal didn’t seek the feedback from the hospital owner. He said by running the ‘one-sided’ story, the news portal owner tarnished the image of the hospital and its owner.

After considering the submissions of both sides, Justice Mohan Lal dismissed the petition seeking quashment of defamation proceedings by the news portal owner. [KNT]

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