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Outsiders ruling Jammu and Kashmir: Shaheen

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Kashmir News Trust 

Coming down heavily on the present dispensation in Jammu and Kashmir, Janata Dal-United President for Jammu and Kashmir GM Shaheen Monday said that bureaucratic rule is not a substitute for an elected government.

Shaheen who was addressing a press conference here in Srinagar said that there is a wide gap between the people and the bureaucratic government in Jammu and Kashmir. “People are suffering as they have no access to power corridors. Nobody listens to them. Crores are being spent on Smart City projects but the roads in the interior and adjacent areas of Srinagar city are in shambles. The lack of accountability has added to the woes of common people. Carte blanche given to the bureaucrats who mostly hail from outside Jammu and Kashmir has made things worse on the ground,” he said.

Shaheen as per the news agency Kashmir News Trust said that people are frustrated and unable to express themselves due to the pressure exerted on them by the government.

He blamed the BJP government at the Centre for making the lives of J&K people miserable on all fronts by snatching the statehood of Jammu & Kashmir.

“J&K has suffered in the absence of popular government. People are feeling suffocated due to their continuous neglect on all fronts,” Shaheen said and added that people want to get rid of bureaucratic rule and are eagerly waiting for the popularly elected government.

He said that all parties should get united in Jammu and Kashmir to keep BJP at bay in the coming assembly elections as this party has created all sorts of nuisance.

“I appreciate the role of Farooq (Abdullah) Sahab who heads the Gupkar Alliance and has been working towards unity among political parties. We all should come under one platform to defeat the designs of the BJP,” Shaheen said. [KNT]

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