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PC condemns Administration’s conduct towards Imran Ansari, Says central leadership has imposed selected group on J&K masses

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After religious leader Imran Ansari went to the media alleging, he was virtually ‘humiliated’ at a meeting called by LG Manoj Sinha, Jammu Kashmir Peoples Conference issued a statement stating that “politico-bureaucrat rogue variants of the bureaucracy feel that it is their divine duty to humiliate the political class.”

Imran Ansari said that Chief Secretary called him ‘sectarian’ after he told the administration that it is more focused on Amarnath Yatra and didn’t care for Muharram arrangements. He claimed that even LG asked him ‘shut up’ in the meeting and as a mark of protest he walked out of the meeting.

The J&K Peoples Conference strongly condemned the behavior displayed by the state administration towards Imran Reza Ansari, an eminent religious leader of the Shia Community.

“We express deep concern over this dangerous precedent being set by the administration. It started the humiliation of political leaders, and now they are moving on into the domain of humiliating religious leaders, said the PC spokesperson in a statement issued here.

He said that J&K is administered in a new hybrid model, in which some bureaucrats have donned the hats of politicians’ and these politico-bureaucrat rogue variants of the bureaucracy feel that it is their divine duty to humiliate the political class.

“We would like to remind those bureaucrats that they are mere tools in this operation humiliation. It is the central leadership that has imposed a selected group on the masses of J & K. And we are having to face the brunt. We challenge them to dare to do it in any other part of the country. This too shall pass. But these hybrid entities will be held up in odium and contempt and will go down in history as molesters of the sacred institution of bureaucracy”, he added.

He further asserted that it certainly does not behoove the head of the state administration, even if he is regrettably selected and not elected, to preside over and voluntarily facilitate the humiliation of a religious leader, who incidentally had been very cordially invited. [KNT]


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